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  1. Gan, saya mau tanya, apa ada bahan Waterproof yg cocok untuk bata merah tanpa bakar dan kabaritu saya berikut harganya.

  2. Proposal: we supply various kinds of quality concrete admixtures and green manufacturing mobile equipments of polycarboxylate superplasticizer for solid construction

    Dear Purchasing Manager,

    Good day and hope everything going smoothly with you and your esteemed company!

    This is Ruan from Wuhan Huaxuan High-Tech Co., Ltd., which is a stable manufacturer
    supplying new building materials such as concrete admixtures, new type of wall thermal insulation materials and cement grinding aids products,etc for over ten years, owning original technology of cost-effective polycarboxylate superplasticizer for civil ready-mixed concrete, and manufacturing technology of special mortar products such as composite admixture, bearing mortar, grouting agent and gypsum products,etc. We also have seven original technologies and tens of national patented technologies, in which a number of scientific and technological achievements were identified as the world advanced level by China national authorities.

    Our products and equipments are as the following which are widely used for the concrete of high-speed rail, high-rise building, metro engineering, bridge and flyovers. museum project, tunnel segment, reservoir project, irrigation works, highway and underground constructions, etc-

    Standard polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid (improves concrete workability)

    Slump retaining type polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid (improve concrete pumping and constructability)

    Slump retaining admixture (improve the strength of concrete)

    Sodium gluconate (increase the plasticity and retardation of concrete)

    Air-entraining admixture (improve the workability of concrete and reduce the slump loss)

    Polycarboxylate superplasticizer preservative (improve the concrete slump and fluidity of cement mixture)

    Defoamer (eliminate the air bubble in the concrete or mortar and remain the flowability of the concrete or mortar)

    Retarding type water reducing admixture (effectively control concrete slump loss)

    Early strength water reducing admixture (early strength, water reducing and reinforcement function)

    Superplasticizer (improve the concrete slump and fluidity of cement mixture, reduce water consumption and improve the workability of concrete)

    Expansion admixture (functions of compensation of concrete shrinkage, crack resistance and waterproof, strengthening and improving workability, enhancing concrete anticorrosion, durability and antifreezing performance)

    Polycarboxylic base crack resistant waterproofing admixture (used for concrete which needs rather high requirements of impermeability and crack resistance)

    Water reducing and anticracking admixture

    Shrinkage reducing anti-cracking admixture

    Compound high-effect anti-cracking admixture

    Waterproofing admixture

    Expansion crack-resistance admixture

    Liquid accelerating admixture

    Powder accelerating admixture

    Concrete strength enhancer

    Concrete reatarder

    Anti-freeze admixture

    Compound admixture

    Accelerating admixture

    Grouting agent

    Compacting agent


    Micro expansion type super early strength bearing mortar

    High strength self-leveling material…

    Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd has advanced environmental friendly movable equipments to produce polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid without any pollution and has economic power and technical strength to establish local manufacturing bases in your country so as to reduce your company’s packaging and transportation cost of concrete admixtures, ensuring the cost-effective and sustainable development.

    We have also the technical strength to develop customized admixtures that can meet customers’ special technical or construction demands for concrete. If you have any inquiries concerning the new building materials such as concrete admixtures, new type of wall thermal insulation materials, cement grinding aids products or movable equipment of polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid, or more inquires on other concrete admixtures, please feel free sending e-mail to:
    and we are honored to have friendly and stable cooperation with your company to create new opportunities of win-win cooperation on the basis of complementary advantages and technical strength.

    Thank you so much and anticipating your further reply.

    With best regards,
    Ruan Tao

    Wuhan Huaxuan High-Tech Co.,Ltd
    Industrial Park address:
    Huaxuan Industry Zone, Wujin Industrial Park, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei, China
    Marketing center address:
    18th Floor, Starlight Era Building, South LuoShi Road of Hongshan District, Wuhan, China
    T: 0086-27-87227330
    F: 0086-27-87227087
    M: 0086-13554313081

  3. Gan… Untuk water profing atap n dak masjid yang bagus pakai water profing apa y…. Lokasi masjid d daerah lumajang jawa timur… Mohon info n harganya. Tq

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